Erin Bulluss

PhD (Clinical Psychology)

Clinical Psychologist

Advanced Certified Schema Therapist & Trainer/Supervisor (Individual & Child-Adolescent)

Erin has a particular passion for working therapeutically with neurodivergent adolescents and adults, particularly those on the autism spectrum. Erin feels strongly about honouring neurodiversity in the pursuit of well-being and has lived experience of autism. She brings together her personal and professional understandings of autism in her therapeutic approach, while aiming to build a strong, collaborative therapeutic relationship based upon understanding and acceptance. Erin's manner is gentle and positive (albeit a tad quirky) and she draws from a number of treatment approaches including Schema Therapy, attachment-based therapies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psycho-education, Positive Psychology, and skills building approaches.

Erin places the needs of the individual at the centre of her therapeutic approach so the experience of therapy is different for each and every individual. Erin enjoys altering her approach to suit the individual's unique cognitive profile and is in her element when working with individuals with cognitive profiles that vary from the norm, which may include giftedness, specific learning difficulties, and/or intellectual disability. Erin also offers “psychologically-informed mentoring” to assist neurodivergent individuals who have not developed any comorbid diagnoses to accept their lovely uniqueness, navigate the neurotypical aspects of the world, and develop a lifestyle that promotes wellbeing and mental health.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Erin worked as a behavioural therapist with children with autism for a number of years which contributed to her understanding of, and fondness for, individuals on the autism spectrum. She has since expanded her field of interest and has gained experience in working with adolescents and adults experiencing a range of complex presenting issues. This led to an interest in Schema Therapy which saw Erin completing her Advanced Level certification in both Individual and Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy, and then co-founding the Centre for Schema Therapy Australia. In 2016, Erin gave a 90min presentation on implementing Schema Therapy with individuals on the autism spectrum at the International Schema Therapy conference in Vienna. Erin continues to publish and present about her approach to therapy with individuals on the autism spectrum and hopes to promote acceptance of autism through contributing to the development of therapeutic approaches that genuinely embrace neurodiversity and do not place neurotypical expectations on neurodiverse individuals.

Erin was awarded both First Class Honours in Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology by Flinders University (Adelaide, South Australia). She has presented her work at international conferences and her research was published in the peer-reviewed journal “Autism”. Erin has been registered to practice as a psychologist since 2009 and gained endorsement in the area of Clinical Psychology in 2011.

Outside of working hours Erin retreats into her garden. She enjoys growing all sorts of fruits and flowers, including dinner plate dahlias, saffron crocus, alpine strawberries, and Japanese windflowers. She also enjoys sketching, painting, and photographing flowers from her garden, though feels these reproductions could never quite compare to the beauty of the original bloom.