Child & Adolescent Schema Therapy

Centre for Schema Therapy Australia is an ISST approved training provider offering workshops, supervision, and certification in Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy (ST-CA). Erin Bulluss and Rachel Samson are the first schema therapists and trainer/supervisors in Australia to be certified in the Child-Adolescent specialty. The Centre has links to international Child-Adolescent Schema Therapist Trainer/Supervisors, and Rachel and Erin are members of the ISST Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy Work Group.

Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy embraces play and creativity in implementing mode work with children and adolescents, while also engaging parents/caregivers in schema- and mode- work to enhance and complement the child’s therapeutic experience. This approach aims to make deeper level change in the child’s internal world, their attachment relationships, and family and school systems, rather than focusing on symptom reduction and surface level change.

Detailed information about certification requirements for ST-CA can be found on the ISST website: .

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